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Puppit is a character designed by Jildou Zwamborn (that's me). Basicly, she is my alter ego: A fictionalized version of my 11-year-old self. She's easily agitated, very curious, extremely stubborn and rather vengeful, but she also loves animals (well, most of them) and couldn't live without her favourite teddybear.

Though she sometimes just plays with toys and goes to school, she can also curse like a sailor (comicbook-style), fly an airplane or carry a bazooka around. She can become a professional in any career within seconds (including Emperor of the Universe) or struggle for hours on an simple yet annoying chore. But her character always remains the same, along with her child-like appearance. Since her first appearance in the sidelines of my math notes she has been mocking the world, outing frustration, declaring war and hugging rabbits in illustrations, short comics and animations.

Puppit can also be found on this Dutch rabbit-fan-and-information-site: http://www.hetkonijn.nl/. These drawings were made a few years ago. She is featured on several pages regarding choosing the ideal rabbit for you, the fun with them, the care for them and eventually their departure. Recently I re-did some of these drawings and added a bunch of new ones, leading to "Konijn" ("Rabbit"), a picture-only book for both children and adults. This follows Puppit and her rabbit from their first hello to their final goodbye, in a wordless story where any rabbit-lover can relate to.

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